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Maya’s Farm CSA Week 4 Produce List

Welcome to Maya’s Farm Week 4 Winter 2016 Produce List

Here’s what you can expect this week in your bag.  Please note due to availability some items may differ from the list.  Also, we are a locally grown, hand planted, tilled and picked certified organic small farm – our produce may look different from what you see in the grocery store – We are thrilled to share the locally-grown, seasonal difference with you!

You may see produce smaller than you are used to – try it!  Is the flavor different? You may see produce that is different colors than you are used to or even produce that you have never seen. Try it!  Let us know what you think and use our blog to help yourself find new recipes and inspirations in your kitchen!

Week 4 List





I’itoi’s Onions

Iitoi Onions

Spring Garlic

Spring Garlic


Rainbow Swiss Chard

Salad Mix with Edible Flowers

spring mix

Maya's Farm Edible Flowers

Chamomile Bunches

Try these GREAT recipes with Chamomile :

RECIPE – Sun Tea with Sweet Chamomile Syrup




White Icicle Radishes

White Icicle Radish


Love what you see?

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