Welcome to Maya's Certified Organic Farm Family

MAYA’S FARM is a small, sustainable operation which produces high-quality specialty   vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs for local markets, restaurants and schools. A community-supported agriculture (CSA) program gives subscribers a weekly supply of produce that is cut by hand in the field daily.CCOF Certified Organic

When you invest in a small farm CSA you invest in the local community, you invest in the environment, you invest in health, CSA is an investment in the future of local food.

Maya's Farm is situated on nearly seven acres and nestles up to South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona. The site is an ancient river bed, where sandy soils and natural Artesian wells create a perfect growing environment. Consciously augmented through biodynamic techniques, this rich earth produces some of the healthiest produce available.

Farm products are available from several sources. Naturally, you can find us at public markets. A growing number of local restaurants use our products in their regionally inspired dishes. Joining our CSA is the easiest way of bringing fresh, naturally grown foods to your table.

Maya’s Farm is a beautiful location and visitors are welcome. It’s an oasis of serenity on the edge of the city that’s also evolving into a place where people meet to learn about deliciously healthful, responsible food consumption. Expansion is keeping us busy, but we will customize farm classes to satisfy your curiosity about the whys and hows of the naturally grown diet. And of course, we will conduct farm tours upon request - contact us for details and pricing.

                                                              Dig deep and enjoy!

About Maya

MAYA’S FARM is a small, family enterprise owned by Maya Dailey. Maya attributes her success to the support of local, chef-owned restaurants, metropolitan farmer’s markets and loyal CSA members.

Before she began to nurture crops, Maya’s interest was nurturing people. She entered nursing school after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology and geology. Microbiology became her favorite subject, which was to provide a valuable scientific foundation for growing tasty, healthful food.

Maya’s entry into farming began gradually. While working in the restaurant industry in Santa Fe, she raised herbs and sold them to local establishments. After moving to her cousins’ dairy farm in Arizona, she added edible flowers and chickens for eggs to her part-time venture.

The giant step into full-time urban farming came in 2006. An opportunity arose to take over market-farm production at The Farm at South Mountain. From a quarter-acre garden, Maya’s Farm grew to one and one-quarter acres, all in one year. Early in 2009 the farm expanded to two acres.

While Maya’s instincts told her it was the right step, taking on a full-time enterprise so quickly was daunting. In her words, “I was fortunate to hire a wise and experienced farm manager who taught me that I should not fight with the earth while working, but get in tune with it; ‘dance’ with it.”

After three years of growth, study and hard field work, Maya’s Farm has become a local landmark and fixture of the sustainable farm movement. From the early days until now, Maya has continued to refine her approach to earth-friendly (therefore human-friendly) food production, in which no pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizers are used.

She has completed training under the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program (State Health and Human Resources Department). In addition, Maya’s Farm produce has earned the CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) seal and is CCOF Certified Organic. In 2016 Maya became her own independent urban farmer.


We specialize in growing, cultivating and harvesting the freshest, nutrient-dense, delicious, CCOF Organically Certified produce for you and your family!


We are honored to have our produce served in some of the best known restaurants in the valley.

We bring that same delicious, freshness we offer the restaurants to you in our weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bags.



Here's what people say about us:

The Fresh, Local Variety is Great! We liked the unique produce. - Charlotte J.

Fantastic! We loved to go to the farm and see the chickens.  It is a great experience for the kids - they can see where the food they are eating is grown.  The kids love to cook!  They have discovered foods that we as parents may not have bought for them.  They love radishes and healthier foods! We appreciate being able to invest in organic food.  It is easy and affordable.  - Christopher H.

My favorite thing is to eat things I wouldn't normally eat.  I love swapping recipes and being part of a community! - Barbara H.

Really Impressed! - Loren A.

We Loved the Variety and the Surprise!  We shared our veggies with friends! -  Kristi K.

It's so fun to figure out what to do with the produce each week!  I like to make improvised stir fries! - Roger B.

A Great Experience!  We like it a lot. - Kim G.

It's Fun! We Eat Healthy, We know where is comes from, We know it's Fresh! It's a great learning experience of the grandkids. - Teresa B.

Love having new things for our family! - Jessica W.

The pick-up at Tarbell's has a great atmosphere and experience.  They have cookies and caramel corn out for the kids and wine pairings and recipe ideas for the adults - Lynn C.

I love the difference in the freshness!  It inspires me!  I love that I don't have to make a choice - the produce is there for me.  Picking up at Tarbell's is so convenient! - Barbara K.

Wonderful Produce! Love the Eggs! - Lisa A.