Small farm movement

Why the small farm is important

We believe that fresh, local naturally grown produce should be accessible for all, because nutritious food is not only a requirement for good health. Taking food production out of local control also can have widespread detrimental consequences. If big business buys out small farmers, nutrient content will decline, as will the productivity of the soil, affecting the population’s health.

The political ramifications are best described by Wendell Berry:

“We cannot be free if our food and its sources are controlled by someone else. The condition of the passive consumer of food is not a democratic condition. One reason to eat responsibly is to live free.

We are dedicated to preserving and nurturing local, naturally grown farming. And we’re motivated by what appears to be a paradigm shift away from agribusinessback to the small farm.

These are our thoughts to live by and to farm by.

Maya on the Farm
Photo Courtesy of: Victoria Fodale


A co-op to transform the local food system in Arizona

To strengthen the small farm movement, Phoenix local farmers decided to create Sun Produce Co-op, a cooperative where they work together and support each other, with the objective  to improve the local food system in Arizona.

Created in 2017, Sun Produce Co-op enables farmers to pool resources and share expenses. Together, they are able to provide fresh and organic produce to local schools and institutions. Participating schools include the Litchfield Elementary school district and Broadmor Elementary.

Sun Produce Co-op also provide local food for families through the Farm Raiser Box program.  Similar to a CSA program, the Farm box is loaded with enough produce to feed a family of 4 and also support local schools PTAs.