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Exquisitely Delicious Organic Heirloom Tomato Starts Available Now!

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes at Maya's Farm We are proud to announce that Maya’s Farm is working with a Local Nursery to bring you exquisitely delicious organic, heirloom tomato starts this season! Each seed was hand-choosen by the Maya’s Farm Team, and selected for its, flavor, rarity and history of successful growing in the southwest region.   11 Tomato Start Varieties are available this season:

Tomato starts are available in the beginning of February to end February.   The tomato starts should begin going into the ground by February 15th this year.  Bring home the most delicious tomato collection this year. Nothing is fresher than a tomato right off the vine! Available Exclusively at Maya’s Farm Stand Open Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 2pm on the north side on the Farm at South Mountain Property.  Come on by! Maya's Farm Stand Now Open


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